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Hey hey! Having crappy days in inevitable. We are all going to have them! Sometimes those days can turn into weeks. Life isn't easy but I'm a firm believer that our days are what we make them. Here are some quotes the peeps in my group shared that I think will help us all have some more productive days and weeks !
We've all invested too much time in people or things that cause us nothing but grief and stress. Let's let go of those things right now, shall we? Ain't nobody got time for negativity in life. True contentment comes from within.
So true, right? What path are you going to take to make your days and weeks the best they can be?
Don't let fear hold you back from the things you want from your life. Use that fear to move forward. You've got this!
This quote is my personal choice and favorite quote. I got this on a print a long time ago ( I think from Bed, Bath and Beyond) and it has been framed ever since. Yes I fall. Yes it hurts sometimes. But I always get up and I always  continuing dancing. This quote brings back a lot of memories and I keep it close to me always.
If you aren't hanging out with me in my peeps group, what are you waiting for??  It's full of kickass women who empower and uplift. It is free of judgement and a safe place to land. And it's a crap ton of fun! Join us won't you?
Until next time...

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