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#NoShame Spotlight #3 with Jeanette Champion-Fanning of @SweetPerversion

Today on the blog spotlight we will be chatting with Jeanette from @sweetperversion. Sweet Perversion specializes in quaintly crass cards and gifts that are made with bourbon and love. ( I can get on board with that!)


Her honesty and candidness in her interview was super refreshing to read!

I think if we are all honest, of course we have all judged other moms, at some point in our lives. I'm a firm believer that it's what we do with those thoughts that really matters. I love that Jeanette opened up about a time she had been "judgey" & owns that. Well, basically I loved everything about this interview!


sweet perversion


So pour yourself your beverage of choice and let's dig in to our next spotlight! Also, I will be linking all of her info at the bottom of the post so make sure you give her some love on social media.


You know how we do....Icebreaker time!! What's one song you know all the words to that would surprise people?


Easy Lover by Phil Collins


Tell us about your life as a mom! How many kids do you have? How old are they?


I have one son, Tate, and he'll be 2 in June. I would have loved to have had more children, but the road to Tate was paved in shit as my husband and I struggled with infertility for 8 long years. After 5 rounds of IUI, we were told we would never have children without IVF and a few months later I got pregnant naturally. Screw you, doc!


What's your favorite thing about your son?


His smile punches me right in the feels every single day.


What drives you crazy about him? (Let's be honest here people...we all have things that drive us nuts about our kids which is why I ask this question!)


He's going through an anti-diaper changing thing right now and it's making me nuts. Dude, if you stop fighting me, we could have been done 15 minutes ago!



What does a typical day look like for you as a mom?


Tate spends Wednesdays & Fridays with his grandparents so I can have a couple of solid work days. The rest of the week, I pack up his breakfast, pop him in the stroller and head out for 5-7 mile walk nearly every morning. We usually get back around 9am and then it's play time- that usually entails backyard fun, playing with his trains in the house, walking with him around the block so he can explore or heading to a park. Once a week, we go to Teeny Tumblers class where we both get to interact with other people. I try really hard to not work when he is awake and which means I spend his nap time frantically packing up orders, answering emails and shoving lunch in my face. This work-from-home-mom stuff is really much harder than I ever anticipated; I'm still amazed at how much time I pissed away before he was born. But as cliché as it sounds, I wouldn't change a thing.


Can you share with us a time you felt shamed as a mom?


I don't know that anyone has ever shamed me, but I've certainly been snottily judge for a few decisions. Actually, I take that back. One family member basically called me a bad mother because I'm an atheist. You know, because how could I possibly raise a decent human without God? Sigh... A few other people have gotten on me about my potty mouth as well. "But what if Tate uses the F word?!" Okay, what if he does? His dad and I will correct him and remind him that some words are for grown-ups. Mr. Sweet and I believe there are are far worse words than the F word. If my son were to ever call someone stupid, ugly, idiot, etc, that's when I would flip my shit. But a well placed F bomb? Pfft.


How did you handle that situation?


With an eye roll. Because, whatever.



What's one thing you wish you could share with anyone who might feel the need to shame a mother for her choices?


Is there anything that can be shared? People who shame mothers are a different breed and I'm not sure you can reason with them.


What surprised you the most when you became a mother?


Before Tate was born, I knew I would love him, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would like him. Come bedtime, I feel like, "Ugh! Go the eff to sleep!" But once he's asleep, I miss him and I sometimes find myself looking at pictures of his sweet little face. #stalkermom


What's the one thing you said you would NEVER do as a mom that you ended up doing?


I was very adamant that I would NOT formula feed. In fact, I was a total judge-y bitch about moms who formula fed (to be clear, I never shamed another mother for her feeding choices). Once my son was born, nature put me right in my place. Between an emergency c-section, my son's early bilirubin issue and life-threatening postpartum preeclampsia, I never produced enough milk and was forced to formula feed. I tried so hard to make it work and I was very fortunate to have tons of support from my L.C. and our doctors. Before my struggle, I was a very "Breast is best!" kind of mom. Now I'm a "Fed!" kind of mom.


Can you share with us one of your "mom hacks?" Anything that can get us through the day or a tip or trick that has worked for you?


I do my best to let my kid burn off his energy. It makes nap time a million times easier.



Who's your "mom crush"?


When my childhood friend became pregnant with her first child, I was worried. I didn't think she was going to be a good mother and it seems I told her as much. What an asshole, right? That was nearly 16 years ago and now I can only hope to be half the mother she is.


Finish this sentence...."There's no shame in my mom game but I'm also kick ass at...."


Leaving laundry in the dryer for days at a time.


Currently binge watching on Netflix?


No Netflix, but Real Housewives of anywhere is my dirty little secret.


Favorite way to get alone time?


Beg your pardon?


Drink of choice?


Manhattan, because I'm an 85 year old southern man.


Tell us something else you love about yourself.


My nose. When I was a kid, people called me "piggy" because of my upturned nose and I spent much of my life hating that part of myself. My son has the same nose, and it's adorable on him. How can I possibly hate something about myself that I love about him?





Tell us your #noshameinmymomgame mantra!


Do what you gotta do.


If you could give one piece of loving advice to yourself, and all the other women out there, what would it be?


No advice, just a statement: You're doing better than you think.





Thanks so much Jeanette for being a part of my #NoShame spotlight!



You can find Jeanette on Instagram at @sweetperversion & her Etsy shop here.





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Until next week...



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