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page261 was created by a monochrome loving, minivan driving, mug slinging mama of 3. This business is founded on the simple premise that life is way too short to be taking ourselves so seriously all the time.


Best known for Minivan Mafia™ and No Shame in My Mom Game (both seen in Huff Post Parents) page261 designs items you can relate to on a personal level. Pieces that can speak for you in times that you may not be able to find your voice. Through lots of laughter, sometimes tears, and a no BS attitude, page261 keeps it real when life seems anything but.





 Minivan Mafia™ was created simply because it's fun! Whether you love your minivan now or you were drug kicking and screaming to the car dealership, there was probably a time you said "I will NEVER drive one of those!" But yet here you are, in fact driving a minivan.  Maybe you drive the mini to and from work or maybe you dominate the carpool lane. Either way you will always be rocking the mini in style with our gear.






No Shame in my Mom Game was created on a more serious level. There's few things worse in life than feeling like a "less than" mother. Whether we put that pressure on ourselves or we have been judged by someone else, mom shame is real. And it sucks. The purpose of this design is to help you CONFIDENTLY choose as a mother and rock that confidence. You may not always have the words to defend yourself but my items can do the talking for you. Don't ever let anyone shame you mamas. EVER.





My mission is to create items that you relate to, are affordable to you, reach you quickly, and are of high quality. There's no gimmicks here. No yuck. No BS. What you see is what you get. If you wanna hang out with me on a more personal level I would love to see you over on Instagram. Be prepared for pics of me in my minivan, lots of real talk, and even more laughter.



You can also join my Facebook group for daily prompts, empowerment, and conversations with kick ass women all over the world!




Thanks for reading our story and for keeping it real with us.